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The field of education is constantly innovating as schools across the country search for the best ways to improve learning for each student. On the TLA Blog, The Learning Accelerator team and guest experts investigate and help you navigate the latest research, commentary, and useful tools to push the field forward.

Flexibility in the Face of Volatility: Three Shifts for Managing Enrollment Fluctuations in District-based Virtual Schools

by Rashida Kimbrue Major & Nate Kellogg on June 28 2022

In response to pandemic-induced school closures, virtual schools across the country saw enrollment rates skyrocket. At Highline Public Schools’ Highline Virtual Academy in Washington state, for example, enrollment increased from 200 students in...

Step 2: Learning to Sprint - Leveraging Small Wins Along the Road Toward Large-Scale Change

by Nicole Assisi & Shelli Kurth on June 16 2022

Referring to all aspects of life as a marathon has become something of a cliche. While the metaphor may feel harmless in many ways, this perspective is problematic for a few reasons. For starters, Pheidippides – the soldier who ran about 25 miles to...

New Tools Support Our Strategy Lab: Virtual & Hybrid Cohorts

by Beth Holland on June 9 2022

In March 2022, The Learning Accelerator (TLA) launched the first of three Strategy Lab: Virtual & Hybrid cohorts to tackle the challenge of developing more effective, engaging, and equitable virtual or hybrid learning environments. Working through...

Step 1: Designing Collective Futures - Bridging Community Voices & Organizational History to Support Change

by Nicole Assisi & Shelli Kurth on June 2 2022

Sustainable change in education begins with sharing your needs and vision for what is possible. Although this might seem obvious at first, there are ways we’ve seen leaders supercharge their approach to the task, integrating history with a...

Sustainable Change, One Step at a Time

by Nicole Assisi & Shelli Kurth on June 1 2022

We are living in a tumultuous time for education. If you’re feeling more exhausted and frustrated than ever before, you are not alone. The COVID pandemic has created a marathon of emergencies and urgent initiatives, leaving educators and ed leaders...

Our Response to the Uvalde, TX Shooting

by Beth Rabbitt on May 25 2022

At TLA, we work to ensure every child gets the education they need to reach their full and unique potential. This vision is simply impossible in a world where our students and educators cannot learn and work together without the looming threat and...

Introducing the First Cohort of TLA’s Strategy Lab: Virtual & Hybrid Network

by Rashida Kimbrue Major on April 20 2022

The Learning Accelerator (TLA) is proud to introduce the first of three Strategy Lab: Virtual & Hybrid cohorts, a new year-long, pro bono, cohort-based learning experience for traditional school systems with a virtual or hybrid school. Through an...

Welcoming the Newest TLA Team Members

by Samantha Artukovich on February 15 2022

As The Learning Accelerator closed out 2021 and welcomed a new year, we also got to celebrate the addition of several new teammates to the organization. These team members – with decades of experience, notable accomplishments, and demonstrated...

Applications Now Open to Join TLA’s Strategy Lab: Virtual & Hybrid Learning

by Nate Kellogg on December 1 2021

Last month, we announced an exciting new project at TLA, our Strategy Lab: Virtual & Hybrid Learning opportunity for districts and school systems across the United States. Today, we are excited to share that applications are now open for any...

Solving Problems in Uncertain Times

by Nate Kellogg on November 30 2021

School and system leaders continue to face numerous trials and tribulations. While vaccines are finally available to most school-age kids, the 2021-22 school year continues to present uncertainty. Between navigating challenges with teacher burnout,...
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