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Innovation... disruption... transformation... the path to successfully implementing high-quality blended learning in America's schools is rapidly unfolding and The Learning Accelerator is developing a road map for districts ready to embark on this journey. On the BlendED Update you will find our latest research, commentary, and helpful tools for schools that are ready to blend.

Why the Recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Data ‘Breach’ Matters for Students

by Saro Mohammed on June 13 2018

This blog was originally published on the Brookings Institution's Brown Center Chalkboard.When 80 million Facebook users’ data were found to be in the hands of Cambridge Analytica, users of the social media platform–and Congress–decided it was time to take a closer look at the data collected by the platform and the apps it hosts. I couldn’t help...
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Structure Helps Promote Student Agency

by Rob Schwartz, Jeffrey Starr on May 16 2018

This blog first appeared on EdWeek’s Next Gen Learning in Action column. At Silicon Schools Fund we invest in schools that take new approaches to education. We recently wrote that many schools are starting to create flex time periods during the day, where students work independently, often online, while teachers perform high-leverage activities...
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TLA’s Measurement Fellowship: New Knowledge for the Field

by Saro Mohammed on May 14 2018

As part of our work to catalyze measurement that increases our evidence base of equitable, effective blended practices, TLA is currently piloting a one-year Fellowship to support research that advances our measurement agenda. Our goal is to help folks across the ecosystem (including future researchers, leaders, and educators) work together towards...
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Supporting and Engaging Diverse Learners within Blended and Personalized Learning

by Juliana Finegan on May 8 2018

With support and feedback from the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), we recently launched a three-part “Problem of Practice” series focused on supporting diverse learners utilizing specific strategies from the Blended and Personalized Learning At Work site as well as research and insights obtained from the team at NCLD. Being...
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Getting Farther, Faster with Personalized Professional Learning

by Zach Desjarlais, Sally Kroon, Patrick Mahaney, Jeff Starr on May 4 2018

Photo courtesy of Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action (CC BY-NC 4.0).  “I am a returning teacher after leaving my own classroom in 2003. So much has changed since I earned my teaching degree in 1995! I want and need to learn to incorporate technology into my practice to stay...
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Great Leaders Make Great Schools. Here Are 4 Factors Critical to Their Success.

by Beth Rabbitt on April 30 2018

This article was originally posted by The 74.  My Twitter and social media channels were abuzz earlier this month with positive reactions to writer David Brooks’s New York Times column “Good Leaders Make Good Schools.” In education, it’s rare to see readers from differing camps all virtually nodding in support of a singular notion. But anyone with...
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Innovative Times Call for Innovative Measures

by Saro Mohammed on April 24 2018

The randomized control trial (RCT) is the best tool education researchers have for understanding cause and effect, but there are times - like in blended learning settings - when this research design is undesirable, infeasible, or both. As I have previously noted, innovative instructional models like blended learning require the building of an...
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Hogwarts: Proof There’s No Magic in Strong Instructional Practice

by Daniel Owens on March 30 2018

Due to a collection of unbelievable circumstances, I recently had the opportunity to observe a school almost everyone has heard of but almost no one has seen firsthand: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The school is incredibly well known but only small snippets of instructional practice have been seen by the public at large. In the name...
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A Commons for Educator Learning

by Stephen Pham on March 20 2018

This blog was originally posted on Education Week. One of the most valuable yet scarcest resources we have in our school systems is teacher time. Inundated with countless demands--lesson planning, preparing materials, meeting with families, after school meetings and functions, and teaching itself--teachers are left with very limited, precious time...
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Personalizing Staff Development with Deeper Learning Week

by Daniel Owens on March 6 2018

The subject of passion projects in the workplace elicits mixed feelings among employers and employees. The concept gained momentum when Google created its “20% time” idea, providing employees the opportunity to spend 20% of their time focused on passion projects. While many companies have followed suit and adopted their own form of passion...
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