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Innovation... disruption... transformation... the path to successfully implementing high-quality blended learning in America's schools is rapidly unfolding and The Learning Accelerator is developing a road map for districts ready to embark on this journey. On the BlendED Update you will find our latest research, commentary, and helpful tools for schools that are ready to blend.

What We Mean When We Say "Ecosystem Coordinator"

by Jennifer Wolfe on February 16 2018

Sometimes it can be difficult to convey the value of ecosystem coordination. As I reflect on the origin and evolution of Open Up Resources, I realize that the success of Open Up provides a great example of how our work as an ecosystem coordinator at The Learning Accelerator (TLA) created an important and powerful impact. It has been tremendously...
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Teachers and Technology Must Not Be an Either/Or Dichotomy

by Stephen Pham on February 14 2018

This piece was originally posted on EdSurge. We must either: integrate technology or support teachers; teach traditionally or personalize learning; support districts or support charters; fund edtech or fund schools; individualize learning or humanize instruction. As oversimplified as the above statements may seem, recent public discourse around...
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Ensuring a Return on Instruction

by Eric C. Sheninger, Thomas C. Murray on February 12 2018

A portion of the following is an excerpt from the new ASCD book, Learning Transformed: 8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow’s Schools, Today. For decades, school leaders have discussed “the need” to integrate technology. The problem with these conversations has been a lack of focus on the why and how technology can support a learning transformation. The...
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LearnLaunch’s Innovation Showcase: How I was Inspired and What I Learned from Students

by Ellie Avishai on February 7 2018

“What if you could eradicate the fear of public speaking? We’re working to design a virtual reality program to help people get over that fear.” The high school students making this pitch seem to have benefited from their own innovation. They are poised and clear-spoken, standing on the stage speaking into a microphone to a room full of students,...
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Hungry for a New Year’s change? We have you covered!

by Juliana Finegan on February 6 2018

As a classroom teacher for almost 10 years, I remember January and February being a time when I was inspired to revisit different aspects of my classroom. During the break, I would reflect on what needed fine tuning, how to implement shifts to better support student needs, and explored new ways to engage students in their own learning. Sometimes...
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Publish or (the field will) perish: Blended learning needs more peer-reviewed publications

by Emily Pulham & Saro Mohammed on February 6 2018

This blog was originally published on the Brookings Institution's Brown Center Chalkboard. Blended learning research is at a very interesting crossroads when it comes to interests of the public school system, nonprofit organizations, corporate entities, private research firms, and traditional academic institutions. There are several ongoing...
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Cisco ISD: Blended Learning in the Heart of Rural Texas

by Daniel Owens on January 29 2018

Nestled in north central Texas is Cisco Independent School District, a rural school system implementing high-quality blended learning. Those making their way across Texas on Interstate 20 are likely to compare the district to a scene from Friday Night Lights, but a closer look reveals a district fiercely dedicated to improving teaching and...
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Supporting All Students: How Blended Learning Works at Bronx Arena Transfer High School

by Daniel Owens on January 22 2018

At TLA, we strive to offer resources for a wide variety of school settings. In our latest school model profile, we are excited to feature our first alternative high school blended learning model, Bronx Arena High School. Traditional school models have often failed students at Bronx Arena. Located in Bronx, NY, students who attend this transfer...
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Our Top Blogs of 2017

by Samantha Brumley on December 28 2017

Before we head into the New Year, we're reflecting on the innovation and achievement that 2017 brought across the fields of blended and personalized learning. The Learning Accelerator team, and guest experts, highlighted much of this work in our BlendED blog throughout the year. In case you missed them, here are ten of our most popular blog posts...
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Analysis: Teaching, Technology, Transformation — 5 Ways to Talk (and Think) About Personalized Learning

by Beth Rabbitt on December 28 2017

This piece originally appeared on The 74 Million.It seems that anytime a blog post, op-ed, or white paper about personalized learning is published, a mighty rift emerges in the field. On one side, skeptics condemn personalization with great zeal but often show little evidence of understanding what it actually looks like in practice. On the other...
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