Our Approach

Over the last ten years, The Learning Accelerator (TLA) has been working to create a world in which every child in America gets the highly effective, engaging, and equitable education they need to reach their full and unique potential.

Making this vision for student-centered learning a reality in practice for every student, in every classroom, every day can often feel out of reach, especially for those learners furthest from opportunity. Individual educator and organizational efforts are often hampered by a lack of collective understanding of who is doing what, and crucially, what they’re learning in the process. Decision-makers navigate resources inequities and fragmentation, and initiatives tend to over-emphasize single solutions rather than coherent collective change.

TLA is working to tackle these shared learning challenges, seeking to dramatically change how the education field functions to drive equity and progress. We’re accelerating individual, organizational, and sector learning to transform K-12 education.

Read on for more information on our strategy. You can also explore our free, openly licensed resources for education practitioners, learn more about our ideas and analysis, connect with our team, or explore partnership. We’re so excited to be in this work together to make the ‘potential’ possible for every learner.

More On How We Do Our Work

TLA acts as a critical agent and partner in the education sector to ignite more rapid and connected learning. By advancing a vision for individual and sector learning, actively bridging gaps in understanding and access to necessary resources, tools, and networks, and catalyzing greater collective action and change, we’re creating a world where:

  • Individual decision-makers efficiently tap into and contribute to an ever-growing, open body of knowledge and tools;
  • Communities and organizations leverage implement and improve powerful practices and conditions for equity and success; and
  • The greater sector acts with increased connectivity, alignment, resource-sharing, and movement.

Explore the slides below to hear more about our purpose and approach.