The Learning Accelerator (TLA) is building an education field where everyone learns faster and changes systems together to ensure every child reaches their unique potential.

Drawing on over a decade of impact, TLA is a national nonprofit that works across the education sector to help practitioners, leaders, and policy-makers learn faster from success and innovation and apply that knowledge to improve how we are educating students. We research and investigate; we document and publish; we connect, collaborate, and build coalitions. We help school systems improve and offer expertise in areas including emerging technologies, school models, and systems of support. What we are, most of all, is visionaries, not for incremental change, but for a revolutionary shift in how students are educated and how we work together to make that happen.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The School Teams AI Collaborative

What do we want to be true about AI in the lives of kids and teachers and as a means for realizing vastly better K-12 experiences and systems?


On Our Mind

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Catalyzing Collective Change Toward More Equitable Edtech Systems

How can we catalyze collective change toward more equitable edtech systems that promote powerful selection, implementation, and evaluation of educational technology?


Resources & Guidance

Discover free, action-oriented strategies to ensure each child receives an effective, engaging, and equitable education, including how to:

  • Adopt specific teaching practices at the student level.
  • Create the conditions for success and scale at the school system level.
  • Build human capacity and support the people who are doing the work.
  • Measure progress.

Extend your learning with detailed guides, expert Insights, solutions to specific Problems of Practice, and professional learning playlists.

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Knowledge, Networks, & Tools for Innovative Learning

TLA works to create equitable access to, accelerated adoption of, and system-level learning about innovative learning strategies and models. In addition to offering implementation resources for educators, TLA creates and openly offers:

  • Research & Thought-Leadership
  • Networks
  • Tools & Programs
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