Partner With Us

The Learning Accelerator frequently works as a partner to other teams and organizations, offering support to help them effectively move forward in their own communities and contexts. Current and past clients of TLA include: state and local education agencies, nonprofit organizations, professional service and technology providers, and philanthropic organizations. Across this work, TLA maintains strict neutrality and does not promote the use of any specific tools, materials, and models. 100% of our partnership projects result in openly licensed knowledge for the broader education field.

Our team offers support in five “learning” areas:

Research and measurement.

TLA helps organizations understand the context of their work, measure impact, and assess and share progress. Our team partners with organizations to develop research “blueprints” for projects, conducts background literature reviews, coaches teams to build their internal capacity and processes for evidence creation and use, directly conducts deep qualitative and quantitative analysis, and captures and shares learnings for their own decision-making as well as open, actionable, and understandable sharing with others.

Knowledge codification, packaging, and production.

Tapping into our significant expertise in resource and tool development, TLA helps organizations identify and document practices and stories and produces highly actionable, user-centered tools and guidance in a variety of multimedia formats – from case studies, to training materials, to reports that make sense of larger patterns and lessons.

Network development and facilitation. 

Drawing from our own experience leading networks and communities of practice, TLA leans in as a partner to build and steward networked learning efforts. Our team also works to develop plans for capturing learning from networks, documenting actions, lessons, and evidence of impact along the way.

Strategy and program advising.

Our team helps organizations tackle gnarly questions of learning, bringing our deep expertise in teaching and learning practices, model development, policy, and innovation, bridging theory and reality to help partners understand the options and opportunities to make decisions confidently.

Landscape and market mapping and analysis. 

In a quickly evolving field, it can be hard to know who is already doing what, how, and where. TLA works with partners to answer these questions, undertaking detailed research to identify field actors, initiatives, programs, and products, and working to make sense of gaps and opportunities for collaboration.

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