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The Learning Accelerator and Yet Analytics Launch the "Learning Commons"

Posted on March 12, 2018

March 13, 2018 (Princeton, NJ) — The Learning Accelerator (TLA) and Yet Analytics today announced the launch of the Learning Commons, a free, open site where educators can search for resources provided by different learning content providers, educational research institutions, professional development organizations, and school districts to find the professional learning support they need to implement blended and personalized learning in their classrooms.

“Organizations across the field are developing terrific, high-quality resources to help educators make the shift to blended and personalized learning, but practitioners need more help finding those resources,” said TLA CEO Beth Rabbitt. “The Learning Commons is a shared online space where educators, teachers, designers, and leaders can discover, save, and share ideas, tools, and open content curated by a wide range of experts.”

The Learning Commons is populated by relevant professional learning content curated by nearly a dozen (with more joining) innovative education organizations. Users can immediately engage with the materials or organize and save them in a playlist. Visitors can search by topic or keyword based on their professional learning needs, and users can find, create, and share playlists, offer feedback on content, and track self-paced progress as they build skills and competencies.

“Through our work with TLA, we have learned that effective models for adult learning must reflect the effective use of data and personalization that we are asking educators to implement in their classrooms,” said Shelly Blake-Plock, CEO at Yet Analytics. “With the Learning Commons, we have created a way for educators to find content from different organizations and platforms. This improves accessibility and helps educators to more effectively track and gain insight into their learning.”

Who Is Involved In The Learning Commons?

The Learning Commons was created by The Learning Accelerator and Yet Analytics, and is supported by partnerships with other innovative education organizations, including:

During the initial public beta, content in the Learning Commons will be sourced from these partner organizations. As the Learning Commons community grows, more content partners will be added to further expand the professional learning resources available to educators.

What Are People Saying About The Learning Commons?

Check out what are our partners (and some educators who received a sneak peek) are saying about the Learning Commons, view this trailer on YouTube.

For More Information

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