TLA Human Capital Investments


Christensen Institute’s Blended and Personalized Learning 101 Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to help teachers learn more about the basics of what blended learning is and explore different models for putting it into action.


Teacher Training Modules from the Relay Graduate School of Education. Relay GSE created a series of open access, graduate-level training courses to help pre- and in-service teachers across the country, tackling topics ranging from understanding essential teacher mindsets to creating a blended classroom culture to using data to inform student learning pathways.


Digital Case Studies of Master Blended Teachers with BetterLesson. BetterLesson worked with 11 “master” blended teachers across the country to capture and share classroom and personal teaching practices. Educators across the country can learn about their approaches and see the work in action through online videos, artifacts, and teacher commentary for free in BetterLesson's Blended Learning Topics.


Highlander Institute’s Mobilization of Statewide Supports Across Rhode Island through Fuse RI. The Highlander Institute has developed and mobilized a network of teacher trainers to provide districts across the state with consulting, professional development, and technical assistance. Through this multi-year effort, Highlander created an open-source model for other states seeking to catalyze change.


Advice for Districts on Human Capital Re-Design from TNTP. TNTP developed advice and talent tools for school district human capital systems to support the transition to blended models.


Friday Institute Leadership in Blended Learning Program. The Friday Institute developed a blended learning principal training program. The program, launched in January 2015, included 7 initial pilot partners and has served well over its projected 300 leaders across the U.S.


PowerMyLearning Educator Platform. PowerMyLearning leveraged its existing student-facing platform to create a personalized professional development approach for educators.


Yet Analytics and TLA launched a project to create an open, adaptive starting point connecting our human capital grantee’s individual programs and resources through an accessible and open data standard for teacher development content and experiences. Together, we are developing a system, an "Educator Learning Model”.