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The field of education is constantly innovating as schools across the country search for the best ways to improve learning for each student. On the TLA Blog, The Learning Accelerator team and guest experts investigate and help you navigate the latest research, commentary, and useful tools to push the field forward.

To Help Teachers Survive the Next Few Weeks, Focus on Creativity

by Beth Holland on December 14 2023

The holiday season brings both happiness and hardship. The three-week period between Thanksgiving and the winter break is marked by celebrations as well as disrupted schedules. While some students become exuberant in their anticipation of vacations,...

Investigating Creativity in the Classroom: Research Tools for Teachers and Leaders

by Beth Holland on April 12 2023

Creativity is the competence to leverage self-interests, motivation, imagination, and prior knowledge in flexible ways1 to generate, evaluate, or improve ideas; imagine new ways of solving problems;2 forge new connections — across content and...

Big Ideas from Hop, Skip, Leapfrog: “Engagement Through Inquiry”

by Diana Laufenberg on September 28 2021

Diana Laufenberg is the Executive Director at Inquiry Schools, a nonprofit working to create and support student-centered learning environments that are inquiry-driven, project-based and utilize modern technology. For 16 years, Diana was a secondary...

Four Safeguards for Schools to Make Equity Work Stick

by Kelly Cole, Deraan Washington, & Nate Kellogg on July 7 2021

In response to the ways COVID-19 highlighted inequities in their schools, a small team of district leaders at Austin Independent School District embarked on a process to redesign elements of their teaching and learning to make school work better for...

Celebrating Pride in Schools: TLA Team Viewpoints

by Jin-Soo Huh, Bianca Dávila, Stephen Pham on June 28 2021

A core component of whole-child education is supporting student identity development while building an inclusive, caring community. At The Learning Accelerator, we believe that personalizing learning for students includes creating a safe, caring...

The pandemic forced many to change how they teach the arts. What can we learn from them?

by Beth Rabbitt on May 3 2021

Few of us would argue that engaging students in the arts — visual, music, dance — is an important part of school. It’s well documented that arts engagement supports academic and social development, but with competing demands on time and budgets,...
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