Reimagining Teaching In a Blended Classroom

A Strategy Resource for Districts and Schools

TNTP is a national nonprofit committed to ending the injustice of educational inequality. Founded by teachers, TNTP works with schools, districts and states to provide excellent teachers to the students who need them most and advance policies and practices that ensure effective teaching in every classroom.

TNTP_ReimaginingTeachinginaBLClass_coverIn the spring of 2013, TLA invested in TNTP to develop guidance to help districts and schools rethink their human capital systems to support blended learning. The organization released its findings as a working paper in November 2014. This paper, “Reimagining Teaching In a Blended Classroom,” and its accompanying tools were informed by visits to schools across the country and interviews with more than 60 practitioners and experts on the ground as well as TNTP’s work since 1997 helping school districts across the United States address their most challenging talent needs.

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Useful Tools:

Educator Role Diagnostic. This tool asks a series of questions to help schools define the roles that educators will need to play in blended schools.

Goals and Considerations. This tool will help designers establish what their blended learning model is intended to accomplish and evaluate considerations that will impact their ability to implement it, helping them choose the most appropriate model for a district or school. 

Talent Assessment. This talent assessment is designed to help leaders determine talent needs at the classroom level, identify existing talent, and develop a plan for filling recruitment and professional development gaps.

Sample 360⁰ Review Questions. Student surveys may be modified to give evaluators a view into the student experience to understand their feelings toward the blended learning model and the teacher’s role. This tools provides some blended-learning-specific questions to consider adding.

Sample Interview Questions. This tool provides sample teacher candidate interview questions, focusing each question on one or more of the core competencies critical to success for blended learning teachers.

TNTP Core Teaching Rubric for Blended Learning. This teacher observation rubric modifies TNTP’s Core Rubric for blended learning considerations.