What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is the transformative educational innovation of our time and has the potential to significantly improve K-12 education throughout the country. Blended learning is the strategic integration of in-person learning with technology to enable real-time data use, personalized instruction, and mastery-based progression. 

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As an innovative approach, blended learning is a key to creating truly great schools for learners and educators. Each student, regardless of background, learning difference, or socioeconomic status, attains the skills and mindsets needed to succeed in college and life. Educators, empowered with tools and supports they need to reach every child, become even more effective and professionally engaged. 

Blended Learning Framework

The following framework takes our vision of blended learning to the next level of detail, defining terms, practices, and desired outcomes. Blended learning is the integration of:

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What is blended learning?