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The field of education is constantly innovating as schools across the country search for the best ways to improve learning for each student. On the TLA Blog, The Learning Accelerator team and guest experts investigate and help you navigate the latest research, commentary, and useful tools to push the field forward.

Defining and Measuring the ‘Personal’ in Personalized Learning

by Beth Holland on March 19 2020

This blog originally appeared on Getting Smart. Although the term “personalized learning” may seem new, the idea actually predates modern schooling. For centuries, learning was considered a personal endeavor that resulted from asking questions, engaging in social interactions, and developing self-awareness. Prior to formal schooling, all learning...
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TLA’s Top OER Resources for Supporting and Developing Teachers

by Jeremy Jones on March 6 2020

A transition to Open Educational Resources (OER) represents a commitment to increased equity, increased personalization, and increased rigor and relevance. However, the transition to OER requires attention to myriad factors. One of the primary opportunities that schools and districts should consider is developing teacher capacity and teacher teams...
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A Vision of Success Is Key to OER Adoption: Resources to Support Leaders

by Jeremy Jones on March 5 2020

Our principals are required to be exceptional in a lot of facets of executive leadership. Foundational among these skills is the ability to create, articulate, and execute on a vision of excellence for teaching and learning. Vision is a crucial condition for success in a school. More and more school leaders are realizing that to fully realize the...
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Nurturing the Fertile Ground of Open Educational Resources from Districts Around the Country

by Jeremy Jones on March 4 2020

In total, there are 98 Launch Districts and 23 Ambassador Districts in the #GoOpen initiative, a nationwide Office of Ed Tech campaign to support school districts adopting and implementing Open Educational Resources (OER). A Launch District makes the following commitments: Identifying a team of leaders who can apply best practices for their...
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Addressing Equity with High-Quality Instructional Materials: Learnings from Virginia

by Jeremy Jones on March 3 2020

Since its launch in 2015, the #GoOpen initiative has expanded discussion, networking opportunities, and resources for states and school districts across the country seeking new ways to build curricular resources. The motives for “going open” range from abandoning the traditional textbook adoption cycle to personalizing curricula for students....
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Open Educational Resources: An Urgent Priority

by Beth Rabbitt on March 2 2020

Every child deserves a highly effective and equitable education that equips them with the mastery of rigorous academic standards, mindset, and other non-academic capacities they need to reach their full and unique potential. Engaging, rigorous curriculum — that is, the “what, why, how, and when” of student learning — and the instructional...
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Cultivating Networks for Success and Scale: The Launch of TLA Network 2020

by Beth Rabbitt on February 20 2020

As any school or system leader knows, the work of improvement and innovation can be hard and lonely stuff. Pursuing change to implement any approach requires significant focus and effort, leaving little time to seek and connect with others who may be tackling similar challenges. It’s for this reason that networking leader learning has become a...
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TLA's Hopes for 2020

by The Learning Accelerator Team on January 31 2020

TLA heads into 2020 working towards a world in which each student receives the effective, equitable, and engaging education they need to reach their full and unique potential. As we connect educators, and the people that support them, with the knowledge, tools, and networks they need to make this vision a reality, we asked our TLA team members to...
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TLA's Top Blogs of 2019

by Samantha Artukovich on December 16 2019

Before we head into a brand new year, we’re taking time to reflect on the innovation and achievement in education we’ve had the opportunity to witness in 2019. The TLA team and guest experts highlighted exciting work on our blog throughout this past year. In case you missed out the first time around, here are the ten most popular blog posts among...
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Are GIFs the Secret Sauce to Working and Learning Remotely?

by Beth Rabbitt on November 13 2019

This blog was originally published on EdSurge.When new colleagues start work at The Learning Accelerator (TLA), they’re often surprised that one of the first “required” organizational readings is actually a 2014 video called “Conference Call in Real Life.” It humorously manages to cover the slightly charming but, more so, annoying aspects of...
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