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The field of education is constantly innovating as schools across the country search for the best ways to improve learning for each student. On the TLA Blog, The Learning Accelerator team and guest experts investigate and help you navigate the latest research, commentary, and useful tools to push the field forward.

Perception, Exclusion, and Quality: Virtual Course Access Challenges for State Leaders

by Michael Ham and Nate Kellogg on February 22 2023

With support from the Walton Family Foundation, The Learning Accelerator (TLA) is exploring ways to support State Education Agencies (SEAs) in developing and strengthening virtual and hybrid learning models as part of a broader student-centered approach. Through this partnership, we have engaged SEA leaders from eight states — representing a...
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Sustaining Equitable Edtech Use: TLA and MA DESE Kick Off a New Peer Learning Cohort

by Roshni Lakhi on November 2 2022

The unexpected and rapid switch to virtual learning during the pandemic led to a massive infusion of technology devices and online programs in school systems across the country. In the wake of this shift, education leaders and practitioners are now examining how to strengthen and develop edtech processes to sustain technology use and ensure that...
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Without Ethics, Digital Equity is Impossible: Three Questions Leaders Must Answer

by Beth Holland on September 27 2022

Since the start of the pandemic, educators, leaders, and policymakers have undertaken substantial efforts to increase student access to devices and high-speed internet in an attempt to close the digital divide. However, improved digital access cannot be conflated with greater digital equity — the notion that students not only have access to and...
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Articulating the “Why(s)” for Learners: Going Beyond “As Good As” to Demand More Through Virtual and Hybrid Learning Efforts

by Beth Rabbitt on September 21 2022

We’re often asked to explain how virtual learning outcomes compare to those in traditional, analog classrooms. This is a fairly straightforward question to answer based on research: generally speaking (and outside of emergency models launched during global crisis), virtual experiences have been found to be as good as in-person ones. Additional...
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Clarifying the “What:” Centering Learner Experiences and the Instructional Core as We Define Virtual Learning

by Beth Rabbitt on September 14 2022

Given our lack of unified language, conversations about virtual learning often feel confusing. Is my district’s “hybrid” learning your school’s “simultaneous” instruction? Has one state codified policy for “blended learning” in a way that looks a whole lot different from what its schools and districts have been implementing in classrooms for the...
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What We’re Learning About Virtual Learning

by Beth Rabbitt on September 7 2022

In August 2021, our team published Launching Forward, the culmination of our six-monthlong Hop, Skip, Leapfrog project. Hop, Skip, Leapfrog aimed to identify, codify, and make sense of new school system strategies and capabilities that emerged during the pandemic as well as understand how these shifts could benefit learners and schools in the...
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More Than Mindfulness: Strategies to Improve the Wellbeing of Educators and Leaders in Schools

by Beth Holland on August 31 2022

Burned out, demoralized, anxious, and exhausted – these are just a few terms that have been used to describe both teachers and leaders as they head into a new school year. At The Learning Accelerator (TLA), we saw this issue emerging over a year ago. To surface potential strategies and solutions, we conducted a review of over 60 pieces of...
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A Growing Danger of the Digital Use Divide: A Media Illiterate Generation

by Beth Holland and Michael Ham on August 22 2022

Since the introduction of computers into classrooms, the premise has been that increased access to technology would result in more creative, rigorous, personalized, and meaningful learning than what was possible in an analog world. However, despite decades of progress toward equitable access to devices and the internet, this promise has not been...
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Help Your School Leaders Succeed (And Retain Them for the Long Haul)

by Ashley Fellows on August 15 2022

For the last three years, I led my school’s pandemic response — from drafting and rolling out COVID protocols to implementing building health and safety measures — all while leading a community of 600 students and educators through a full return to in-person learning. It was the honor of my professional career but came at a cost to my mental and...
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Help Bring TLA to SXSW EDU 2023

by Samantha Artukovich on August 10 2022

It’s that time of year once again! The public voting period for SXSW EDU’s PanelPicker has arrived, and we would appreciate your help in bringing The Learning Accelerator (TLA) back to Austin. As you consider sessions to support this year, please take a few minutes to look into TLA’s sessions below, featuring topics ranging from virtual and hybrid...
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