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Welcoming a New TLA Team Member, Shanice Maxwell

by Lacey Gonzales on April 25 2023

As spring transitioned into full swing, we had some celebrating in order at The Learning Accelerator (TLA)! We welcomed Shanice Maxwell as the Associate Director, Talent, Culture, and DEI Initiatives at TLA.

A former educator who brings her background in organizational behavior and human resources to the role, Shanice says she’s excited to bring her passion for advocacy and social justice to assist students, educators, and nonprofit organizations in the fight for education equity. In her role, Shanice is tasked with evolving TLA’s DEI initiatives, talent systems, and human resources initiatives and stewarding a community of practice around DEI work in remote organizations, the Remote DEI Collective (RDC).

This is an exciting time of growth and learning for TLA. I’m thrilled to welcome Shanice, who will bring new energy and depth to our organizational talent and culture development, as well as a personal understanding of our broader mission as a former classroom educator,” said TLA CEO Beth Rabbitt.

Before joining TLA, Shanice served as the Director of Bridge Year Programs and Alumni Relations at Project Morry while leading the HR team at the Digital Harbor Foundation in Baltimore, MD, in hiring, onboarding, and performance management policies. In both roles, Shanice said she developed curriculum and policies from the ground up to push each organization forward.

As a middle school AmeriCorps math tutor and a Teach for America corps member teaching middle school history and a social justice “illuminator,” Shanice taught in her hometown of Bridgeport, CT, for four years and brings those classroom experiences with her into her work today. She shares that she’s excited to join an organization full of people who share her commitment to equity.

After fighting for education equity in the classroom as a teacher, it feels really good to join an organization where folks are fighting alongside me – strategically, persistently, and unapologetically,” said Maxwell.

Maxwell added, “RDC was one of the main factors that piqued my interest and pushed me to apply to TLA. DEI work cannot be done in a bubble — it requires collaboration within and outside of our network and industry. This work is tiring and it helps to have other like-minded individuals to help carry the load and serve as sounding boards and thought partners.”

Brimming with enthusiasm and a nimble outlook, Shanice expanded that she hopes to lead the RDC work so that participating organizations can “evaluate and assess their impact and expand on the practices that seem to be yielding results and change.” Maxwell remarked, “I seek to make sure this work is not surface level and the positive impact is felt throughout every department within these organizations.”

Interested in connecting about TLA’s DEI initiatives or the Remote DEI Collective? Send Shanice a message.

About the Author

Lacey Gonzales is an Associate Director, Communications at The Learning Accelerator. She brings her background in non-profit communications and media relations to lead TLA’s communications work.