Learning Accelerator

The Learning Accelerator is committed to providing teachers, administrators and others who are interested in blended learning with resources to help understand and successfully implement blended learning programs.

These resources currently include whitepapers on personalized learning, case studies on how innovative districts are adopting blended learning, and step-by-step implementation guides for districts ready to take the first steps.


NEW! Blended Learning Implementation Guide 2.0

The Learning Accelerator and Getting Smart joined with DLN to update this popular guide. Version 2.0 reflects feedback from schools and districts, developments in the field, and new educational technology trends.


Clayton Christensen Institute – A guide to personalized learning

Published in 2012 as suggestions for the Race to the Top-District Competition. RTT-D is sponsored by the US Dep. of Education to create personalized learning to bolster student achievement.

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Greeley-Evans District 6 Blended Learning Report

TLA's school district partner in Colorado shares its blended learning update to their school board. A useful example of how to communicate about blended learning initiatives, implementation timelines and district responsibilities.


Going Google: Lessons Learned from Rolling Out 1200 Chromebooks

EdSurge posts this helpful blog by New Orleans educator Brandon Phenix highlighting how to prototype a pilot and build teacher professional development.


iNACOL Blended Learning Teacher Competency Framework

A framework to help leaders and teachers better understand the competencies educators need to be effective in blended teaching and learning environments.

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Rhode Island Department of Education - Innovation Powered By Technology Model School

This report details the implementation of blended learning at a Providence elementary school chosen to be a proof point for the state.


A Blueprint for Effective and Adaptable School District Procurement

This report holds innovative public agencies up as a model for how school districts should work on procurement and recommends four steps toward meaningful procurement reform.


NASBE from Practice to Policy

This brief describes in detail one blended learning classroom in Middletown school district in the state of New York, and draws out the policy implications from the actual instructional experience.

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Reimagining Teaching in a Blended Classroom

BL involves much more than introducing technology into classrooms; it offers an opportunity to rethink how teachers teach and students learn. TNTP's first version of guidance to help districts and schools rethink their human capital systems to support BL.


Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing

The report identifies the key obstacles and potential solutions for the discovery and acquisition of K-12 personalized learning tools.


HISD Cost Calculation

In order to decide whether to lease or buy EdTech devices, HISD made calculations that helped inform their decision. Other districts are free to use this example as a resource.


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MasteryTrack: System Overview

MasteryTrack is a prototype developed to demonstrate the key elements of mastery-based progression and to show how it can be implemented at scale in districts across the country.


Blended Master Teacher Videos

Eleven of the highest-performing blended teachers in the country share their effective practices in this collection of strategy videos. Includes related resources that highlight blended-specific instructional models and professional learning.

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Blended Learning Messaging

This guide provides helpful sample messages for districts to use when communicating about their blended learning initiatives. Messages are tailored to key stakeholder audiences and can be freely customized.

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Texas Lease vs. Buy Guidelines

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) studied leasing vs. purchasing information technologies as directed by the General Appropriations Act of the 75th Legislature. 

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Greeley-Evans District 6 Teacher "Listening Tour"

This Colorado school district's initial blended learning implementation efforts included a series of meetings with teachers to hear their questions and comments. Early outreach to teachers, and their ongoing involvement, is key to blended learning success.


A Policy Playbook for Personalized Learning: Ideas for State and Local Policymakers

Bellwether Education Partners’ playbook is designed to help state and local policymakers identify the policy changes needed to expand access to quality personalized learning in their states and communities. 


Education Sector – The Right Mix: How an L.A. School is Blending a Curriculum for Personalized Learning

This profile of an implementation in a school in Los Angeles describes both the potential and the challenges of blended learning.


NASBE State Innovations: Rhode Island's Blended Approach to Blended Learning

This case study shows how the Rhode Island Board of Education and RIDE has moved to implement blended learning through a combination of top-down and bottom-up policies. 


TLA Blended Learning Snapshot: EdTech Purchasing in Houston

This recommendation-filled report on Houston's computer hardware purchasing program includes links to sample RFPs, lease vs. buy guidelines, and more.

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Framework for Cultivating High-Quality Blended Learning at the State Level

Version 1 of this framework will help state leaders better understand the role they can play in a transition to blended learning, with the goal of achieving improved student outcomes within an innovative culture.

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Network Essentials for Superintendents

This resource provides tips for district leaders who are managing network upgrades and helps ensure that district broadband infrastructure is digital learning-ready.


Rogers Family Foundation – Oakland Unified School District Blended Learning Pilot

The Rogers Foundation selected four schools as partners in their commitment to improve teaching and learning in Oakland, CA. This three-part series shares updates on the progress for their BL initiative.


Smart Series Guide to EdTech Procurement

TLA Partner Daniel Owens co-authors this framework for edtech purchasing, offering practical advice to guide key decisions.  Includes infographic.

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School District Partnerships Help CO K-12 Blended Learning Take Flight

This case study of three Colorado school districts includes a profile of TLA partner district Greeley-Evans School District.

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District Stakeholder Blended Learning Readiness Assessments

This tool provides a series of sample assessments for district leaders to gather information, opinions and perspectives from important stakeholders when starting to implement blended learning.

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NASBE Guide for State Boards to Craft Better Policies for Blended Learning

The guide, written with TLA Partner Lisa Duty among others, explores the strengths and challenges of implementing blended learning policies, and the role state boards of education play.

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So You Think You Want to Innovate?

TLA and 2Revolutions' new framework for state and school district leaders working to build a culture of innovation. This resource includes a helpful assessment tool and suggested action steps.

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HISD EdTech Device RFP

HISD built an RFP for purchasing devices that covered the district’s non-negotiable specifications. Other districts are free to use this resource as a template.

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Aspire Public Schools Blended Learning 101 Handbook

A helpful guide for any school or district considering blended learning implementation - includes school case studies and online resources. - 


Clayton Christensen Institute – Convening Rhode Island around digital learning

An education case study developed from the “Innovation Powered by Technology” conference in 2012. A model of how to convene a successful conference about student-centered digital learning.

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Disruptive Innovation Investment Program

Reynoldsburg City Schools and TLA developed a school-level grant competition to foster new or developing initiatives that further progress toward financially sustainable academic growth and achievement for all students.

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Personalized Learning in Progress

Case studies of four Race to the Top–district grantees’ early implementation efforts.