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"Yes, You Can Keep It"

by Scott Ellis on October 3 2013

The school district superintendent had a smile on his face, but his steely grip on the document I was showing him made his intentions clear – he was not giving it back. My last copy of the Blended Learning Implementation Guide was staying with him.

While all of my interactions with school leaders over the past few months haven’t been quite so dramatic, I’ve noticed a growing urgency among districts to find (and hold onto) a comprehensive guide to implementing blended learning. That urgency, and the fact that the blended learning field has evolved so rapidly, led us to release an updated version of the Blended Learning Implementation Guide last month.

Working with Digital Learning Now! and Getting Smart, we updated the Guide with new and enhanced sections on blended learning models, funding, devices and human capital, among others. There is a helpful new infographic and executive summary as well. You can even download a printable version of the Guide and avoid losing your last copy to an eager colleague!

Blended Learning eBook Coming Early October

We’ve also been listening to the feedback, comments and success stories coming in from the pioneering schools that are using the Blended Learning Implementation Guide. Getting Smart will release an ebook later this month titled, “Navigating the Digital Shift: Implementation Strategies for Blended and Online Learning,” that will feature the new Guide, along with updated versions of other papers in the Digital Learning Now Smart Series. This ebook will be a one-stop resource for anyone interested in adopting blended learning. Look for news on the ebook release next week.

Blended Learning Workshop at iNACOL Symposium

If you are looking for more hands-on assistance with blending your school district, consider joining our workshop “Bringing Blended Learning to Life: A Workshop Using the Blended Learning Implementation Guide” at iNACOL’s Blended and Online Learning Symposium in Florida on October 30. I will be joined by co-authors John Bailey, Tom Vander Ark, and Carri Schneider and we will use our new guidebook to work through your specific questions and issues around implementing blended learning. We hope to see you there!

About the Author

Scott Ellis is the CEO of The Learning Accelerator.