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Welcome to Today's One Thing: TLA's Teacher-Driven Series on Remote Learning

by Beth Rabbitt on April 1 2020

A core value of The Learning Accelerator (TLA) team is understanding and tapping into the collective intelligence of those on the front lines of teaching to learn and improve together. That’s why we reached out to teachers around the nation to figure out how we can best provide support – and in just a week, we were able to hear from one hundred of you. Thank you for sharing your pain points and the skills and strategies you’re interested in!

You’ve also helped us better understand the overwhelming number of resources being tossed your way. Our team is now working to weed through the massive amount of information out there to find and vet the best resources and provide them to you weekly in a bite-sized format. Every Thursday, we’ll share concrete resources, ideas, tools, and best practices around one specific topic targeted towards helping you solve your challenges in actionable ways. Our hope is to provide you with resources that you can easily and immediately utilize to reach as many of your students as possible.

We know the shift to remote learning is in some ways technical, and we hope to provide you with vetted resources to implement virtual blended learning models. Beyond this, we know that you are also tackling more emotional challenges, including continually building relationships with students. Our hearts are with you as you and your students have been uprooted from your classrooms without warning. In an ever-changing world, we’re here to help you in whatever way we can.

As you read this series, let us know what’s working and what’s not. Want us to tackle a burning issue? Let us know via our survey or @LearningAccel.

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About the Author

Beth Rabbitt is CEO of The Learning Accelerator and a nationally recognized expert in education innovation and blended and personalized learning.