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Walking the Walk with Remote DEI

by Stephen Pham on June 15 2020

More and more, organizations are investing time and resources to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), recognizing its importance in making teams better. With the proliferation of remote work – particularly due to recent physical distancing measures taken to address the spread of COVID-19 – leaders have wondered how to engage in equity work virtually, as it often requires deep relationships, trust, and vulnerability. The dynamics of virtual communications and distributed teams affect how organizations operate, adding a layer of complexity to DEI in remote environments.

In an effort to understand the intersections of remote culture and DEI, The Learning Accelerator (TLA) formed a community of practice with six other remote education organizations – 2Revolutions, Deans for Impact, Illustrative Mathematics, NGLC, NYC Leadership Academies, and Transcend – and launched the Remote DEI Collective. Through this eight-month collaboration, the group explored common challenges and codified shared learnings, publishing our work in the newly released Remote DEI Toolkit, a free and open guide with insights, resources, and strategies for organizations engaging in DEI work across virtual environments.

As practitioners, teams, and leaders explore the toolkit, we encourage you to reflect on the following questions.

We’re eager to share what we’ve learned and get feedback from others. Please reach out with any thoughts, questions, or suggestions!

About the Author

Stephen Pham is a Director, Organizational Learning at The Learning Accelerator, an experienced educator, and a proponent of blended and personalized learning.