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TLA's Top Blogs of 2019

by Samantha Artukovich on December 16 2019

Before we head into a brand new year, we’re taking time to reflect on the innovation and achievement in education we’ve had the opportunity to witness in 2019.

The TLA team and guest experts highlighted exciting work on our blog throughout this past year. In case you missed out the first time around, here are the ten most popular blog posts among readers and staff from 2019:

  1. Digital Citizenship: Focusing on the what, why, and how (By Nyree Copeland-Whyte, Director of Digital Learning at Achievement First)
  2. When We Talk About “Assessment,” What Do We Really Mean? (By Nithi Thomas, Partner at TLA)
  3. A Personalized Journey: Three lessons learned from school redesign (By Kristen Watkins, Director of Personalized Learning at Dallas Independent School District)
  4. Ignite Your Use of Ed Research (By Saro Mohammed, TLA Alumni)
  5. Planting Trees Under Which You May Never Sit: The long-term work of school transformation (By Karen Perry, Director of Personalized Learning at Henry County Schools)
  6. Are GIFs the Secret Sauce to Working and Learning Remotely? (By Beth Rabbitt, CEO at TLA)
  7. Innovating Teaching and Learning This School Year? Find the Right Experts with ILEx! (By Nithi Thomas, Partner at TLA, and Rachel Klein, Partner of Strategic Initiatives at Catalyst:Ed)
  8. If Personalized Learning Is Going to Work, Teacher Onboarding Must Improve. Here’s How. (By Kristen Watkins, Director of Personalized Learning at Dallas Independent School District)
  9. Is Technology Good or Bad for Learning? (By Saro Mohammed, TLA Alumni)
  10. So You Want to Innovate? Remember to Communicate (By Kira Keane, Partner at TLA)

If you haven't read these pieces yet, we encourage you to take a look through the list – or, if you have, revisit your favorites – to help you curate new and thoughtful ideas as you plan for the year ahead.

We hope that 2020 brings new opportunities and growth in education across the country, and we're excited to continue our mission to make the 'potential' possible and practical for every teacher and every learner. We’d love to hear from you about your work and plans for the new year. Reach out to us for a conversation on Twitter @LearningAccel.

Best wishes from TLA for a wonderful 2020!

About the Author

Samantha Artukovich is an Associate, External Relations at The Learning Accelerator, where she brings her background in psychology and communications to help maximize TLA’s reach and impact through effective communications and thoughtful engagement. Based in the Los Angeles area, Samantha has worked at various levels of the education field since 2006.