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School Leaders: Four Focus Areas for the Fall

by Beth Holland on September 30 2020

This piece was originally published on Edutopia.

This article, written by TLA Partner Beth Holland, outlines the research done by The Learning Accelerator (TLA) in partnership with Lindsay Unified School District (LUSD) to gain insight into remote learning as a result of COVID-19. From the research, four key areas were identified for leaders to focus on:

  1. Building relationships with and providing support for students
  2. Thoughtfully incorporating technology
  3. Providing additional support for home learning
  4. Focusing on maintaining engagement and momentum

To read more and learn about strategies you can use to support these areas, see the full article on Edutopia.

About the Author

Beth Holland is a Partner at The Learning Accelerator and leads the organization's work in research and measurement, bringing both a rigorous academic background and practical experience to the team’s research efforts.