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Questions for the Field on School & System Redesign

by Strategy Lab on March 2 2021

Reflections on the Real-Time Redesign Process

The need for school systems to make near-term, meaningful improvements to teaching and learning has never been greater.

Systems are facing increased pressure to adapt teaching and learning to meet individual students’ diverse needs as well as the changing needs of the world around them; systems are also deepening their commitment to urgently improve equity in teaching and learning.

We created the Real-Time Redesign process through our work with school systems facing these very challenges.

For school sites, school systems, and the organizations supporting them, we propose the following questions aligned to emerging themes from this redesign work:

  1. How can school systems tackle one of the biggest hurdles in redesign work: committing to and maintaining the work amid other pressing priorities?

    • How do we get more school systems to take on improvement processes like this one, and how can they do so successfully?
    • What fieldwide knowledge, tools, and resources might organizations offer to help systems accelerate their work?
  2. How can redesign processes and partnerships reinforce the primary aim of this work: to advance equity and resiliency in teaching and learning?

    • How are organizations defining and thinking about advancing equity and resiliency in teaching and learning?
    • To what extent are the processes and tools that organizations use with schools equitable and resilient themselves?
  3. How can schools, systems, and school-supporting organizations learn from one of the core elements of success of this process – a focus on near-term, targeted improvements?

    • How might we help school systems meaningfully improve in real time (versus over long-term horizons)?

As you consider your responses, you may identify ways that your own organization (and your work) can adapt to best meet the needs of school systems. Share them by using the hashtag #RealTimeRedesign and tagging us @LearningAccel on Twitter.

About the Author

The Always Ready for Learning Strategy Lab was a networked learning community focused on equity and resiliency. The twelve-month, pro bono, cohort-based learning experience supported seven school systems in their reopening planning in the fall and winter of 2020 through expert support and targeted coaching before engaging in a process to make real-time, meaningful, and lasting improvements to teaching and learning.