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Our Top Blogs of 2017

by Samantha Brumley on December 28 2017

Before we head into the New Year, we're reflecting on the innovation and achievement that 2017 brought across the fields of blended and personalized learning.

The Learning Accelerator team, and guest experts, highlighted much of this work in our BlendED blog throughout the year. In case you missed them, here are ten of our most popular blog posts from 2017:

1. Analysis: Teaching, Technology, Transformation — 5 Ways to Talk (and Think) About Personalized Learning (By TLA CEO Beth Rabbitt)

2. CUE Names LPS’ Sophia Thomas BOLD Educator of the Year (by TLA Partner Jennifer Wolfe)

3. Don’t Drink from the Firehose: Harnessing the Potential of Blended Learning Data (by TLA Associate Partner Stephen Pham)

4. The Learning Accelerator’s Blended Learning Measurement Fellowship (by TLA Partner Saro Mohammed)

5. Heart Smart & Head Smart: Reflections on a Year of Giving Teachers the Support They Need to Make the Leap to Personalized Learning (by Jeff Liberty, Vice President of Personalized Learning, BetterLesson)

6. Ready to Try These Favorite Teacher-Designed Ideas in Your Classroom? (By TLA Partner Jennifer Wolfe)

7. Reflections from an iNACOL Rookie (by TLA Partner Ellie Avishai)

8. Solving the Problem of Teaching to the Middle (by TLA Partner Juliana Finegan) https://learningaccelerator.or...

9. Different Schools Find Common Practices: Blended Learning in Urban Chicago and Suburban Colorado (by TLA Partner Daniel Owens)

10. Keep Your Messages Fresh and Relevant to Spark Engagement (by TLA Partner Kira Keane)

If you haven't read these pieces yet, we encourage you to take a look through the list – or, if you have, simply revisit your favorites - to curate innovative and reflective ideas as you plan for the year ahead.

We hope that 2018 brings new opportunities and growth in blended and personalized learning, and we're excited to continue our active role in these fields to help students across the country receive an effective, equitable, and engaging education.

Best wishes from TLA for a fantastic 2018!

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