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New Blended Learning Recommendations and Resources

by Scott Ellis on December 1 2015

I recently attended the iNACOL symposium in Florida, the largest blended learning conference in the country, where I heard district leaders and educators describe their efforts to embrace blended learning. These were not theoretical discussions; these innovators were facing real challenges, iterating concrete solutions, and, most loudly, seeking clear guidance for implementing blended learning.

To meet this need, The Learning Accelerator has assembled the specific questions we think school districts and state leaders should ask as they begin to blend. For each question we provide recommendations along with a collection of helpful resources for topics that are critical enablers of blended learning at the district and state levels.

This effort is a work in progress. As new and better information arises, we will update the blended learning recommendations so that eventually districts and states will have a clear roadmap for how to successfully implement blended learning at scale.

I hope that you will share these resources with your network, and our team welcomes any feedback on the content or structure of this work.

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Scott Ellis is the CEO of The Learning Accelerator. Follow The Learning Accelerator on twitter @learningaccel.