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Meet the Newest TLA Team Members

by Lacey Gonzales on March 6 2024

As The Learning Accelerator kicks off an exciting slate of work to tackle unfinished learning in 2024 and beyond, we also have the pleasure of celebrating the addition of some new teammates. These team members — with years of experience, notable accomplishments, and demonstrated passion for education improvement and reform — have joined our team to support mission-critical TLA programs and functions, and we’re excited about the unique perspectives and backgrounds they bring to our work!

While our teammates have been settling into their new roles, we asked them why they’re joining TLA and what they’re excited to be working on. Below, learn more — in their own words — about the challenges they’re ready to tackle and what drives them in this work.

Daniela Bocanegra

As a Communications and Development Coordinator, Daniela Bocanegra works across the organization to maximize TLA’s communications and marketing efforts while also supporting fundraising for mission-critical projects, initiatives, and support. With experience supporting public policy initiatives, non-profit organizations, and government teams, Daniela is committed to supporting radically improved educational outcomes through TLA’s communication, development, and external relations work.

“I’m thrilled to join the TLA team and to play a part in the organization’s vision for transforming K-12 education. I find it incredibly exciting that I have the opportunity to dive into communications and development projects focused on catalyzing collective change across the education sector.” - Daniela Bocanegra

Kathleen Poliski

As a Programs Coordinator, Kathleen Poliski supports TLA’s mission to accelerate learning about, adoption, and implementation of teaching and learning models in U.S. K-12 education, specifically those that center personalized, mastery-based, and whole-child practices. She works across the team to manage and enhance our online resources and tools, support program reporting, conduct research, leverage social media for program promotion, and foster partnerships. Passionate about connecting learners to content, Kathleen brings a background as an instructional technology coordinator and remote learning specialist to the team.

“As I explored more about The Learning Accelerator and its mission to transform K-12 education, I recognized it as an organization I wholeheartedly wanted to be a part of. My role, in particular, seemed to provide a balance of learning, opportunity, and growth which was ideal to me. I look forward to seeing where my TLA journey takes me!” - Kathleen Poliski

We are excited to see the impactful work these new team members will take on and congratulate their commitment to building an education field where everyone learns faster and changes systems together to ensure every child reaches their unique potential.

About the Author

Lacey Gonzales is an Associate Director, Communications at The Learning Accelerator. She brings her background in non-profit communications and media relations to lead TLA’s communications, marketing, and storytelling.