TLA is an organization continually working to achieve maximum positive impact for educators and students in the education ecosystem. The four Impact Stories linked above illustrate how TLA has worked to create specific solutions to vexing problems and accelerate innovation in the areas of open education resources, internet connectivity, human capital, and district communications.

In general, TLA has accomplished significant milestones across its work:

  • TLA is engaged in over 150 partnerships across the ecosystem, working with organizations to deepen thinking, share resources and best practices, and engage together to improve America’s K-12 education system.
  • TLA reaches over 50,000 education practitioners and leaders per year with its rich and diverse set of resources, including those contained in the Blended & Personalized Learning at Work platform and the Learning Commons. TLA's channel partnerships with over 30 field organizations help to bring these resources to over 300,000 educators across the country.
  • TLA has undertaken longer-term field changing projects which bring together networks to test, adapt, and build the evidence base for greater adoption of innovative and effective teaching and learning strategies, including:
    • Innovation Directors Network: In 2018, TLA launched the Innovation Directors Network, a small cohort of school system leaders who sit at the nexus of academic and operational change, leading efforts to seed, test and scale innovative instructional approaches across schools in their districts or networks. This network is working to share practices and co-problem solve challenges in the ecosystem.
    • Measurement Fellowship: TLA has selected two cohorts of Measurement Fellows. The Fellowship convenes a diverse group of individuals who conduct research that advances TLA’s measurement agenda for blended learning. Through these fellowships, TLA is catalyzing the measurement ecosystem to work together towards the mutual goal of all students receiving an outstanding education, enabling them to reach their full potential.
    • Learning Commons: TLA, in partnership with Yet Analytics, launched the Learning Commons, a shared space for connecting and accelerating educator learning. Learning Commons now has nearly 20 partner organizations whose content is included among the professional learning content.