Internet Connectivity

Before technology can transform education, schools must have sufficient internet connectivity, and more than 40% of our schools still lack the high-speed, high-capacity internet access they need for blended learning.


What are the main steps to upgrading my network?

How can I assess my current Internet connectivity?

How can I help provide home internet access to students who need it?

TLA Recommendations
TLA Blended Learning Snapshot: Lindsay Unified's Path to Community-Wide WiFi: Connecting Every Learner Description: An in-depth profile of Lindsay Unified School District's efforts to provide students with home Internet access. Includes useful strategies and artifacts.


  • How Fast is Fast Enough: Article focused on understanding and planning for the approapriate level of internet connectivity for schools.
  • The Broadband Imperative: Recommendations for policy makers and school leaders committed to charting a course for the future of K-12 education enabled by broadband.
  • 2016 State of the States: A report on the state of broadband connectivity in America’s public schools.