Sharing Best Practices

How can you start shifting your teaching practice today?

See how schools across the county are approaching blended and personalized learning. 

Blended & Personalized Learning Practices At Work: This site houses over 100 vetted strategies pulled from six high-performing blended schools across the U.S., in addition to best practices collected from partner organizations. It includes strategies around personalization, data, grouping, culture, and much more.

Practicesfor HC page



Take a free course to improve your practice today. 

Relay GSE Blended Learning Courses: Relay GSE, a human capital partner, designed four FREE blended learning courses to support teachers who want to adopt blended and personalized learning. Courses can be taken asynchronously or pulled apart to support specific needs around planning, student movement, data, setting up an innovative space, and/or sharing your work. They can support both a novice and veteran teacher in shifting their practice.



Learn how individual educators have shifted their practice

BetterLesson Blended Master Teacher Project: BetterLesson, a human capital partner, collected teaching strategies from 11 effective blended teachers across the nation. On this site, you can explore various resources and videos around the Master Teachers’ implementations, rationales, and strategies they found to be most effective when moving to a more learner-centered model.