Human Capacity

In order to successfully scale blended and personalized learning, we need to build the capacity of those doing this critical work.

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badge-capacity The most valuable resources in schools are leaders and educators - and we believe that in order to implement blended and personalized learning effectively, we need to…
  • Build the capacity of teachers and school leaders with concrete resources and strategies that can be used immediately to improve student outcomes.
  • Build a network where educators, schools, and districts don’t have to reinvent the wheel but can instead learn, build, and grow collaboratively with support from various providers who have successfully done this work.

TLA’s current human capacity work is focused on four main areas:

1. Building networks for learning and dissemination. We engage with and learn from leaders, educators, and regional partners who are implementing blended and personalized learning in their classrooms through TLA ThinkTanks in various cities across the U.S.



2. Sharing best teaching, learning, and design practices freely and openly. We aggregate and disseminate knowledge in a tangible manner by sharing over 100 concrete strategies on our Blended & Personalized Learning Practices At Work website, as well as other free and open resources to start your blended/personalized learning journey. Find more suggestions here for how you can begin shifting your teaching practice today.

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3. Helping school leaders establish the conditions for success. We’ve developed and identified a series of helpful resources and recommendations for school and district leaders to use as they tackle barriers and establish systems to support, replicate, and scale blended and personalized work in classrooms. Launch Resource



4. Creating a broad community of service providers, educators, leaders, and stakeholders to push this work forward across the country. In particular, TLA has invested in and supported a cohort of next generation human capital providers.

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If you would like to join in the conversation and/or join a TLA Think Tank in your region, please let us know!

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