EdTech Devices

Schools cannot adopt blended learning without access to quality and affordable education technology hardware. Device costs can be a tremendous strain on precious district resources, both in terms of dollars and time spent buying and maintaining them. TLA is focusing on two main aspects of EdTech devices that can assist districts transition to a 21st century classroom.

Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination

The market for EdTech devices is different from most other school tools. Often the process for choosing a device is long and complicated, and is repeated multiple times by districts across the country. TLA has created multiple resources dedicated to helping districts make more informed and efficient purchasing decisions, including a Guide to EdTech Procurement (in conjunction with Digital Learning Now!), and a Snapshot of EdTech Purchasing in Houston.  

  EdTech purchasing page


Price Transparency and Group Buying

EdTech device prices are remarkably inconsistent. One district may pay 25% more for the exact same device as another district. Current methods of price checking, such as researching retail prices or contacting districts as references, are insufficient. The Technology for Education Consortium (TEC), a non-profit incubated by The Learning Accelerator (TLA), is working to bring transparency, efficiency, and collaboration to K-12 technology purchasing. Through these particular focus areas, as well as a variety of national programs, TEC aims to ensure schools are spending money on effective technology tools, and saving money in the process. 

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