Our Work

Our role as a catalyst involves being both an architect and an investor: we cultivate solutions to overcome the barriers to implementing blended learning in schools and work directly with districts and states to develop implementation strategies that can be scaled and shared with school districts nationwide.

Cultivating Solutions

The Learning Accelerator is transforming K- 12 education on a national scale by identifying scalable solutions to the barriers to blended learning and cultivating organizations capable of delivering these solutions to school districts across the country.

Where organizations currently exist but are small or meet only local needs, The Learning Accelerator provides funding to help them scale, establish sustainable business models, and deliver services to districts better, faster, and cheaper. Where no organizations exist to meet district needs, we identify entrepreneurs and provide funding to start new organizations. Learn more.

Working With School Districts

The Learning Accelerator is partnering with a select group of innovative school districts and assisting them with a full implementation of blended learning in their schools.

The goal of this targeted work is to clearly demonstrate what successful implementation of high-quality blended learning looks like and how to accomplish it. Over time, these implementation strategies will be refined and scaled and made available to school districts nationwide. Learn more.

Working With States

State policy plays a critical role in supporting the implementation of blended learning in school districts. However, policy alone is insufficient to change attitudes, beliefs, and practices. The Learning Accelerator is working to highlight a complete set of priorities states must address to successfully promote blended learning, including leadership, capacity and communications. Learn more.

Our Investments

Our goal is to mobilize $100 million over the next five years to fund an ecosystem of organizations that can help districts implement blended learning. We work directly with states and pilot districts to demonstrate the path to success at scale. Learn more about our recent investments.