Learning Accelerator

Our Solutions

The Learning Accelerator has a systematic approach for accelerating the implementation of high-quality blended learning in districts across America.

Define value chain

We start by defining the steps in the value chain that districts need to complete successfully in order to implement blended learning; Learn more

Identify barriers

We identify the barriers and structural impediments that prevent districts from implementing blended learning at scale and with high quality; Learn more

Cultivate solutions

We cultivate existing solutions and invest to help scale them, or fund new solutions where gaps in the blended learning ecosystem exist; Learn more

Implement with districts

We work with targeted school districts to develop and refine the scalable solutions and create robust proof of successful district implementation; Learn more

Iterate and improve

We learn with the innovation partners, enhancing and scaling the solutions over time through ongoing continuous improvement; Learn more


We will create scalable solutions to overcome barriers to implementing blended learning and develop robust proof points to share with school districts nationwide.