Innovation...disruption...transformation...the path to successfully implementing high-quality blended learning in America's schools is rapidly unfolding and The Learning Accelerator is developing a road map for districts ready to embark on this journey. On the BlendED Update you will find our latest research, commentary, and helpful tools for schools that are ready to blend.

OER Momentum and Debut of Open Up Resources

by Jennifer Wolfe on Sep 22, 2016

The Learning Accelerator and OER

Almost three years ago, The Learning Accelerator (TLA) began its journey into open education resources (OER). As our understanding of OER deepened, we saw exciting opportunities for a new model of instructional materials: high quality, standards-aligned and low cost. These new OER materials had the potential to improve student learning, provide educators with more...

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Call it what you want: Why we don’t need a common definition of ‘blended’ or ‘personalized’ learning to measure effectiveness

by Saro Mohammed on Sep 21, 2016

Last year’s enactment of the Every Student Succeeds Act, when viewed alongside other recent federally supported education initiatives such as the expansion of the national E-Rate program, the ConnectED initiative, and the Go Open campaign, was perceived by proponents of personalized learning as a clear victory. Their expectation is that under ESSA, educational innovations,...

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SXSWedu Panel Picker: TLA’s picks

by Michela Marini on Aug 29, 2016

Interested in seeing blended learning on the agenda for this year’s SXSWedu? As part of their session selection process, SXSWedu welcomes public voting: anyone can cast their vote for session proposals, and public input accounts for 30% of the decision-making process for conference programming.

With your vote, we can together ensure that SXSWedu 2017 offers some great blended learning panels....

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Introducing Practices at Work

by Beth Rabbitt on Aug 22, 2016

Just over a year ago, the TLA team launched a project to better understand blended and personalized learning practices in schools across America. As a result of our research in hundreds of classrooms, today we are launching a new site called Blended and Personalized Practices at Work


In Practices at Work, we share the approaches of six schools using technology integrally with in-person...

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Into the Field: A TLA Partner Extends Her Reach

by Beth Rabbitt on Jun 28, 2016

At The Learning Accelerator, we use the word “catalyze” to describe our work. We act as an agent to spark change - identifying opportunities and challenges, sharing resources and approaches, and promoting and creating space for collaboration.  We’ve launched initiatives and organizations, and helped connect different partners to accelerate the pace of change.

Today, I’m...

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Personalized Learning: Trendy and True

by Saro Mohammed on Jun 15, 2016

Personalized learning practices are increasingly being used in a variety of K-12 settings. These include public, private, and charter schools; at elementary, middle, and high school levels; in many content areas—including core subjects like reading, English language arts, math, and writing; and with students from various backgrounds.The current pace of growth in the implementation of personalized...

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Top 10 Ideas for Knowledge Sharing in Education

by Jennifer Wolfe on May 10, 2016

Over the last nine months, TLA has been engaged in a deep research effort to better understand teaching and learning in blended and personalized learning environments. We have learned a great deal and identified some really terrific practices at a number of schools nationally. We plan to share out as much as we can in an open source manner for others to use for their own work and purposes.

We know...

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innovateNJ: Gaining Momentum

by by Lisa Duty and Takecia Saylor on Mar 28, 2016

The state of New Jersey has been quietly spurring a wave of innovation that is gathering force and speed. The wave is engaging schools and districts, collaborators across the nation, and community partners close to home. The initiative - innovateNJ - is creating a corps of innovators who push, from each of their different roles and perspectives, for more personalized, blended, and effective student...

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All Together Now: Data, Personalization, and Mastery-Based Progression

by Beth Rabbitt on Mar 14, 2016

As I shared in last week’s post, the TLA team has spent a lot of time over the last six months seeking clarity on what exactly we mean when we say we’re an organization transforming schools through blended learning. Over the course of hundreds of conversations and visiting an equal number of classrooms throughout the country, we landed on the following vision to guide our work:


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Sharpening Our Focus on Blended Learning

by Beth Rabbitt on Mar 7, 2016

Since our founding, The Learning Accelerator’s belief has been that blended learning is an innovation with the potential to transform the education of millions of students in American K-12 schools. By using technology to help teachers and students more deeply understand and respond to individual needs, we think schools can better reach their goals: effective, equitable, and engaging learning...

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Engaging Teachers in Blended through Blended Best Practices

by Juliana Finegan on Feb 9, 2016

Blended learning can do for educators what it is already doing for students, as long as professional development (PD) designers are as strategic with its implementation as teachers are when building a blended lesson for their students! Significant work has been done on how to create effective blended learning experiences for k-12 students and how important personalization is to buy-in, engagement,...

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New Blended Learning Recommendations and Resources

by Scott Ellis on Dec 1, 2015

I recently attended the iNACOL symposium in Florida, the largest blended learning conference in the country, where I heard district leaders and educators describe their efforts to embrace blended learning. These were not theoretical discussions; these innovators were facing real challenges, iterating concrete solutions, and, most loudly, seeking clear guidance for implementing blended learning....

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What’s Your Plan? Implementing Innovative and Sustainable Blended Learning School Models

by Scott Milam and Katie Morrison-Reed, Afton Partners on Oct 30, 2015

Across the county, skilled educators are implementing truly innovative approaches to teaching and learning. At Afton Partners, we’ve had the privilege to work with over 100 school districts and charter management organizations (CMOs) that have implemented blended learning school models to strengthen individualized curriculum and improve outcomes for students with varying academic abilities....

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Attending iNACOL? Mark your calendars for these valuable TLA sessions

by Michela Marini on Oct 7, 2015

The Learning Accelerator team will be busy at iNACOL this year, with many of our partners and grantees involved in compelling sessions and/or pre-conference workshops. Please join us!

Sunday, November 8

A Step-By-Step Guide to Communications Planning for Blended Learning: Key Messages, Tips, and Tactics for Knowing What to Say and When to Say It

1:00 pm

Communicating effectively with key stakeholders...

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The Learning Accelerator helps districts think about how to measure blended learning

by John Watson on Sep 14, 2015

The Learning Accelerator has just released its District Guide to Blended Learning Measurement, which provides a useful framework to districts thinking about how to determine whether their digital learning efforts are yielding results.

Educators and blended learning advocates are increasingly stressing the fact that technology should be implemented only with clear educational goals in...

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Communicating Your Blended Learning Goals

by Kira Keane on Jul 24, 2015

CommsGuide_ImageDevices? Check. Software? Check. Communications Plan? Woops.

Like many of you, I make the rounds of edTech conferences looking for golden nuggets of wisdom about how to successfully implement blended learning in schools. Case studies, lessons learned, best practices...these are what I hunt for and I’ve discovered a new theme that many of us have overlooked: communications.

At conferences...

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Making Competency-Based, Personalized Learning Real for Teachers

by Beth Rabbitt, Margaret Roth on Jun 29, 2015

With Yet Analytics_June 2015Across the country, teachers are trying to bring technology into their classrooms to better meet the needs of every student. The goal is to make learning more personalized, competency-based, and data rich.

As educators work to make the shifts necessary to make this a reality, we have to ask ourselves what our systems for professional learning can do to achieve similar ends.

  • Don’t teachers...
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The Classroom Blender: Looking at Education Through a New Lens

by Jessica Anderson on May 21, 2015

Montana-based science teacher, Jessica Anderson, is one of the 11 Master Teachers selected to participate in our project with BetterLesson. We asked her to reflect on her experience making the switch to blended learning and to share advice for other teachers and leaders. Read on below, and tell us what you think at @TriSciCurious and @learningaccel. You can learn more about her classroom and teaching...
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