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Teachers, leaders, and other educators across the country are figuring out how blended learning can become an effective strategy for meeting the needs of all students.  

Relay GSE Why Blended




Relay GSE "Why Blended"

Melissa Goding
Pleasant View Elementary School, RI
“Other teachers and school visitors are often amazed at the level of independence that these first graders show with no teacher directing their instruction from moment to moment. I find that the students like having this independence and responsibility. They are engaged and interested in the more appropriate tasks at hand. [...] It is because of this growth that I have witnessed with my own eyes that I would never go back to a traditional, teacher-centered classroom. The use of educational technology has enabled us to provide a truly differentiated learning experience for our students." Learn more about Melissa’s classroom here

Jessi Anderson, Montana Educator of the Year
Deer Lodge High School, MT
"A student recently told me, "This is the only class where I don’t feel like I’m at school.” When I asked her why, she said, “There’s just more room to learn.” It’s comments like these that make me ask myself why I didn’t make the shift to blended learning earlier.” Read more about Jessica’s experience here.

Relay GSE Benefits of Blending




Relay GSE “Benefits of Blended”

Stephen Pham
Rocketship Education
“I often think of blended learning as the process of teaching students how to learn. Yes, I can teach to the middle with standard lessons about how to add fractions or find the area of a triangle, but it’s much more powerful if they are able to discover the content and learn the skills on their own.” Read more of Stephen’s thoughts on the RSED blog.