About Us

Each child in America must have an effective, equitable, and engaging education that is personalized, informed by data, and mastery-based.

Blended learning is a key mechanism for making this vision possible for every child, in every school, throughout the country. The Learning Accelerator is the catalyst to transform K-12 education through blended learning on a national scale.

Our Story

Over the last four years, The Learning Accelerator has worked to understand the challenges educators and school systems face in implementing blended and personalized learning at scale. We have developed deep knowledge about the critical conditions necessary for schools, districts, and states to set the stage for successful blended learning. As an organization, we invested deeply to help education leaders learn about these conditions and we also identified and created resources for support. 

Today, TLA aims to accelerate the implementation of high quality blended learning initiatives across the U.S. We help organizations - schools, districts, nonprofits, and funders - understand blended and personalized practices, set conditions for scaling work system-wide, effectively support their people, and measure results of efforts, all with a keen focus on and commitment to equity. Learn more.